Televised energy circles us like a vulture What passes these days for American culture Try to tell but no one wants to hear it Drains an already futile spirit Never should take it quite so serious Cats are killed for being less curious Creates alternative senses of community Away from televising those twisted emotionally Talk show phenomenon spawned from the nineties Watching parents pass responsibility Not wondering about these babies they see When they finally reach the age of fifteen Mother shows him the tape of it all on T.V.

Him asking, Who/s that guy there on the screen?                                                                                            To only hear her dry reply, that/s your dead beat father you ain’t ever seen. But he & I did make a hell/a scene.

Click the cliche for some serenity Turn the channel from talk show hosts To the politicians that stand on bodies Delivering ceremonial toasts Beaming how much capitalism costs Just watching hell gets one hot                                                                                        In a

land of confusion where the rich do the talking

Media broadcasts their bullshit walking Comedic relief executive staff Something else to make us laugh

The killing time

At another’s expense Takes our minds off of nonsense; debt crisis Forget this talk of sisters & brothers We smile at the failed dreams of others Religiously watch shows: American Idol Gratefully dead hands clutch the Bible Anything to help us feel blessed To help us make a little sense out this That no one was so stupid to step out of line Publicly ridiculed till utterly embarrassed                                                                Nope; not me                                                                                                                               Safely cradled in this ultramodern western paradigm Plastic-paragon model The last great American marvel & to think We were taught to think This land was taken from the savage Join the carnage 21st century’s psychological carnival

We let love go
for sex and violence
exchanged dreams
for minimum wages
lost our way
to sit on a couch
sold our souls
for imperfect bodies
now our smiles
stretched by pills
we only stop
to smell

Bye-bye Beautiful

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Poetry


you can waste your time
beating yourself
into a pre-fabricated mold
& you/ll always be
just another
pretty face
but if you accentuate
what makes you
from everyone else
you become


Posted: September 25, 2014 in Poetry

Love like Romeo
loved Juliet
before committing
after thinking
the one star in his night sky
had died
killing the light
once refracted
off each other
no longer colliding
split Adams
falling to pieces
all over Eve
laid out in the green
of the garden
better to believe
that this is heaven.

ZeN on the Run

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

It is easy
to love some body
for the pretty things
the shiny things
that are fading
& you can
keep on dreaming
but when you can
take the bad
with the good
you/ve found your self
some thing special.


Posted: August 16, 2014 in Poetry
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It sometimes seems
that nothing good
comes this way
then rips seam
& lead to
something else
an avalanche occurs
carrying everything
in its wake
if you can/t find
your way clear
a path if
people don/t see you
cause a scene
if they can/t hear
keep shouting
they can/t feel you
unless they cry
when you touch
cut them deep
make ’em bleed
the truth hurts
who do we think
we are to make
up for who
we are not
we will stay
in the moment
until we have to
rise to the
if you know me
please push me
we/ll both be
the better from it


Social Media

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

frozen across 
blinking screens
either doom
or save thee
please remember
there/s human
beneath the skin
we know not
our limit
we know our end
can not begin
so we let
ourselves be
enslaved to
pass the time
not realize
truth that/s been
before our eyes
that life is
it heals itself
we do not need
strongholds of
nor do we need
thought security
so let these
circuits pulse with
we can be
free we/ve been
too long it is
time we stand
for the one
the sick ones
the poor ones
like the sun
that doesn/t care
where it shines;

twitter, facebook,

let these new
toys become
tools that open
up our minds.