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The thirteenth Bak’tun of the Mayan calendar, in of course, loose translations, is often referred to as the Triumph of Materialism.
The human connection to nature has been severed.
I suppose there is little nature left to connect to anyway.
We now kneel before incorporated gods with a slight regard for the reverence of mother nature.
The ancient symbols have been demonized- -recycled into the patriarchal religions prominent in western worlds.
Pantheism is now satanic paganism.
The disconnect with our true history & spiritual being will bring forth severe consequences.

The United States, leader of the civilised world, a land of free thinking, freed from religious persecution.
Maybe persecution should be redefined.
The persecution may not be done by written law; however, when independent thought can be coerced, with continued success, by taking advantage of the manipulated portions of the population, through the collective synergy of religious & sociological pressures, there is little need for bureaucratic legislation & cost extensive measures.
We have fallen out of sync with all true essence, & the repercussions from this have been building for thousands of years.
We are left to the devices & plots of the corporations now. We have allowed ourselves to become economically enslaved. We have little clue as to where we came from and as a result we have developed a spiritually clueless intuition and an indifference towards our defining purposes. All the ritualistic practices of the major religions can trace their roots back to pantheism. Yet, every one of these religions denounces those very roots. Why are these roots being denied with such a degree of hostility?

In other countries, outside this mentally restrictive western paradigm, the few indigenous people left that are practicing pantheism are thought of as starving idiots that are unable to help themselves. But this propagated media portrayal does not tell its audience that the reason these areas can’t develop their countries or sustain themselves is because their resources have been raped by countries of militant power. Some westerners actually believe these countries are impoverished because they have no insight into the divine revelations offered by western theology. We are told they hate us for our freedom. Western ideals have convoluted the truth to such a degree that it is no longer recognizable. We worship the new gods of material wealth now. And for those who do not supplicate themselves before the economy of the almighty dollar: a tremendous academic effort has been launched to invalidate the old gods, the archaic systems of ecological community, and an absolute eradication of any female aspect of divinity.

Let us now talk about this vagina-phobia phenomenon that we encounter in western schools of thought. The concept of the sacred feminine was the foundation for a myriad of philosophies that gave substance to pantheism. Creation is what gives meaning to life. The miracle of birth was the crux of all ancient mythologies. Even the dominant theologies of the west still carry traces of the sacred feminine as a testimony to this. In fact, the Immaculate Conception of Mary was an attempt to consolidate the two minds of thought and to pacify the troves of believers who traditionally revered the female form for thousands of years prior to the Christian and Judaic doctrines. Now, women are considered inferior to man in nearly all the major theologies of western civilization. The Christian theology manufactured in the west considers women to be cursed. Anyone doubting the aforementioned statement need only read the letters penned by the Apostle Paul. Since many western Christians do not read the bible, I will add that these letters can be found at the end of the New Testament.

To study the strict belief system that the apostle Paul was integral to, we must first discuss Saul of Tarsus, which is the name Paul went by before being reborn as a Christian. Saul was a militant zealot. Akin to a mafia hit man and commissioned by the Pharisees. Along with the Sadducees, the Pharisees ran the Judaic organization at the time. The Sadducees were the ruling class of the Jewish order that strictly observed the laws of the Old Testament. The Sadducees were a pragmatic sect that did not authenticate any ideas of resurrection and angels. They were only interested in the physical laws of Judaism. The Pharisees were a strict sect themselves, but they also observed an oral tradition that had been handed down by the generations before them. The Pharisees used these teachings as a supplemental source of information to the Old Testament. These two groups were the governing body of the Jewish temple at the time. Paul basically knocked off anyone that posed a threat to their ideals (Christians especially). On his way to Damascus, he was blinded by a vision of the Christ and was reborn as Paul. His writings became an inseparable influence to the young Christian doctrine and the development of the archetypical structure that the early churches were pressured to follow. Paul had a real issue with women. According to the letters written firsthand by the apostle Paul, a woman is to perpetually live in shame in order to achieve a state of contrition for the original sin of Eve (talk about holding a grudge); in addition, a woman is never to be considered a legitimate leader of any congregation. From the beginning of the Old Testament to the end of the New Testament this treatment is validated and documented. The letters of Paul that appear in the New Testament give ample insight into this misogynistic mentality. Paul’s influence is still apparent in the pivotal aspects of the modern societies shaped by western ideology.

The paradigm of cavemen beating women over the head with clubs and dragging them around is false. Ancient man worshiped women. Some were Queens of unrivaled power in the ancient world. In modern society women are told what to do with their bodies and their roles in society have already been mapped out. This goes with gays, blacks, foreigners, and anyone else that does not fit into the present paradigm held by the west. This has caused us to lose some of our most important voices, generation after generation.

Jesus Christ did exist. His true name was closer to Jeshua Bar-Joseph than Jesus Christ. I guess that is of little importance now. This real person had real teachings. The teachings now taught and passed off as Christianity have little to do with the real Jesus. But his teachings are of little profit to this materialistic world. These lessons have been modified to fit the current construct of absolute profit by any means necessary. Look at the debacle Christmas has become. Jesus did not want the teachers of his truth to have gold rings and nice cars, despite what the leaders of these particular congregations may tell their followers. Ministers say that God would want his preachers to be seen as blessed by God with material possessions. That says a lot about present day culture. This continues contrary to the fact that everyone knows that Jesus would want his people out there with the poor and helping the less fortunate. What happened to loving one another? America has become a self-absorbed culture looking out for number one. You, your friends, and even your children are nothing but a potential profit to the destructive systems of capitalism that the United States has perpetuated. Capitalizing on the misfortunes of the less fortunate has been fine tuned to such a degree that it operates like a machine. We have become nothing but the gears that keep this machine active. We have let our lives become predetermined by this machine. This machine controls the food and people’s ability to grow food on their own. Our soil is so depleted by chemicals that communal farming is nearly impossible now. We are unable to even feed ourselves, and we wax philosophical about democratic freedoms? We have allowed this control to sweep over our fundamental needs such as water supplies, education, art, and the truth of real spirituality. This system even controls our innermost desires psychologically. Twenty years ago, if you would have said that everyone in America would want the new I Phone, no one would even know what the hell you were talking about. Nothing against I Phones, except that the need, good or bad, has been cultivated. The current obsession with sex and appearance has been cultivated. Physical beauty has been glorified to such an extent, people feel inadequate in comparison to its unobtainable ideals. Inadequacy leads people to buy things that they do not need. We are burying who an individual really is in exchange for an identity that is based upon someone else. And of course they control information, despite the fact that they really do not even have to. The more this system of corruption continues the less interest people seem to have in learning anything at all. This is a direct result of the distraction campaign that has been launched against us. We have accepted the machine completely in all areas of our lives. We can not even imagine a world without the machine. We must shut this machine down before it is too late if it is not too late already. And now, things are such a mess, it seems senseless to focus on the past when the future is so uncertain. This may be true. But this is also true: if we don’t know where we are coming from then we can not know where we are at and if we do not know where we are at then we can not get directions to where we are supposed to go or why we are even supposed to go there. Information is power and we have allowed ourselves to become powerless.

In the Divine Comedy, Dante poetically illustrates the Ninth Circle of Hell as the domain of traitors that betrayed their fellow-man. Politicians and bureaucrats and judges and papacy. Not much has changed here in the 21st century. It is a faint dream, bordering a whisper and a scream; to gather a conglomeration of disenfranchised starving artists to help those still lost in the darkness and artistically aid their ascension to achieve their true potential. We are The NINTH CIRCLE and we are legion…