Society of Hypocrisy

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Poetry
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We’re all dopamine fiends in this society.

Being all that we can be,

By any means necessary.

Heroin chic and dead sexy.

Seeking that next big hit of brain candy.

Journeys that scorch a path of misery.

Tracked by the authorities.

We make our discovery so easy.

The celebrities and wealthy make it on T.V.

But for those drowning in poverty,

Eventually incarceration will be the recovery.

Left finding divinity in the jails of the city.

Washing away the identity.

Cleaning it up with courtroom divinity.

Whoever said individuality was a necessity?

Selling the soul for AA serenity.

Enroll in some lame second-rate state therapy.

Drop out;

Spoon fed;

Social worker dime-store psychology.



Who needs empathy?

When all you want is some sympathy.

Vicariously feeding this voracious machine.

Tired of these community college degrees.

Just there for a check, judging me.

How about a little authenticity?

Let us see both their arms bleed.

Cuz’ I’m not buying the dreams,

These counsellors are selling so desperately.

So many laughing.

So few helping.

Everyone is suffering.

While someone’s profiting.


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