OHIO; The Broken Heart of it All

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Prose
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Every year the politicians travel to Ohio. They shake our hands. They kiss our babies. We make a huge deal of it. We pack auditoriums just to catch a glimpse of them. We pay thousands of dollars to have a dinner with them. We sound like political maniacs defending them to our friends and family. We circulate their political agendas over the internet. They tell us how important we are to the country. They win the election and we never hear from them again. At least, not until the next election when we fall for it all over again.

I watch this series of events every election. And every election I get angrier cause we always get duped again. I tried looking up some statistics for Ohio, but the jabberwocky tied to these statistics is frustrating. This is probably intentional. I was able to gather the following paragraph before completely losing my mind.

We are 7th in the U.S. for gross state product but we are 30th in gross state product per capita. This means a few have a lot and a lot have little. But as an American, you become used to the wealth disparity. The lowest unemployment rate in the U.S. is in Nevada at 3%. Ohio has an unemployment rate of 7% and 12% of Ohio’s population is living below poverty.

I’m not going to weigh people down with an entire essay of incomprehensible statistics, but there are a few dishonorable mentions like the crime statistics, the number of prisons, and the level of education. Look them up. It’s heart wrenching. We had a race riot in Cincinnati during 2001 that I didn’t even know about. And we clap when they proudly announce that unemployment has gone up .85%? They don’t say that the unemployment statistics they quote on national television only include those people who are applying for unemployment benefits. Think about how many people never apply because they believe they are ineligible. Imagine what that number really is.

We Ohioans live with all of this crap on a daily basis. Yet, we still welcome these politicians with open arms when we should be chasing them out of town. ABC news said that Ohio has helped decide every presidential election over the last century. We are the heart of it all and we do have so much heart. We deserve so much better.

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    In light of the recent job losses with GE & Hostess, and the BIG promises that were made to us months ago, it seems more relevant than ever. Wonder how much that fancy ball cost? Glad someone is living it up.

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