Join The Ninth Circle

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Prose
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When I first started writing on WordPress, I had a target goal in mind: to search the artistic WordPress community for like-minded individuals and start an artistic conglomeration of street artists. What is a street artist? Well, that is a difficult question to answer. I’m not sure that I can even answer this clearly. There’s the street artists like Banksy and Fairey. Which further begs the question: is a street artist just a graffiti artist? What is street art? Maybe, I can not answer that directly either. But what I can safely say, is that I will know it when I see it. Now, I can tell you what street poetry is. Basically, street poetry is spoken word in written form. It is an interchangeable form with its sister art, the spoken word. Street poets write about the social issues and injustices of the world around them. They write about the real. The real shit that is happening around them and to them. This conglomeration of like-minded artists will be called The Ninth Circle.

In the Divine Comedy, Dante poetically illustrates the Ninth Circle of Hell as the domain of the traitors that betrayed their fellow-man. The politicians and bureaucrats and judges and papacy. Not much has changed here in the 21st century. It is our dream; to gather a conglomeration of disenfranchised-starving-street-artists to help those, still lost in the darkness of the ninth circle, and artistically aid their ascension from that circle to achieve their true potential.

Our goal will be to create a non-mainstream movement in painting, poetry, writing, music and any other artistic endeavor that is creatively aligned with the Circle’s agenda.

And what is our agenda exactly? To create pure art and help others create a pure form of their art by providing them a network of other street artists that offer creative support, collaborative efforts from our other artists, and promotion from a social network able to reach thousands when all the artists of the Circle pool their publicize resources together.

We accept everyone with work that is artistic and relevent to the world around us.

We don’t have to supplicate or compromise our works to a system that sees profit as the only merit that art has to offer.

We will always support our brothers and sisters in the Circle.

With a unified effort of considerable talent, we will create an artistic movement that operates and changes on its own terms, and must be recognized by the mainstream.

If one makes it, we all make it.

Nobody who puts in an artistic effort gets left behind. NEVER…

Join The NINTH CIRCLE; for soon, we will be legion…

Carl-Paul Henneman


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