Ashes of the Phoenix pt.2

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Poetry
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Sitting alone

With just the ticktock

Thoughts & bone

& the doors I lock

Just send me away

To the white sands

Give me a day

In my own hands

They got so much to say

Police the road block

Head will one day lay

On greener lands

Tired of the concrete

Weighing heavy

Upon my feet

The cracks in the street

Their steady drum beat

& who are we,

But vicariously?

You see;

I got this disease,

Of being hungry,

Of living;

If you call living,

On your knees

I want it all

All to burn

& I wont be happy

‘Til I get my turn

Burn the retinas of my eyes

So I no longer recognize

The designs of these lies


It’s time to rise

Rise, rise

Phoenix burn

Rise, rise

Phoenix burn


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