Rise of the Phoenix pt.1

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Poetry
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Already burned

Thought you heard

20 years late

Better than ever

Felt time pour like slow concrete

Once formed

Hard to escape

This ship is going down

And we’re still in chains

Of own devices

Keep on polishing

But it’d be wise

To jump over the side

While there’s still time


These proud captains

Sittin’ & Mappin’

Charting our paths to a fraction

I was drenched

When I was baptized

After I was burned

Better off dead

Then I clawed my way back

No one expected that

A way out this trap

From these vessels

We must walk away

Not from ourselves

But from the pain

The consumption and greed

Consuming every need

The ability to see

Into each other

Anything sacred

Anything to believe

Becoming scared

Of myself and this unnatural culling

Of time

That operates so clandestine

Discovered and crucified

One way or another

Woven into a design

Fabric incinerated

Pull our threads away




A revelation

An indication

To keep moving forward

In the same direction

Those who give advice

Need advised the most

Especially those

Around more skeletons than a ghost

A clever trap

These words we say

A loaded gun

Careful with that axe

The way we treat someone

Is the way they start to behave

For us all; they will pray

While watching us fall

Everyone loves an underdog

Focus from this fog

Find sanctuary

Come stand with me

It’s all I need

We all will one day see

No longer need their reason

When we got so much doubt

This system will curse

The day it let me out

Animals subdued & caged

Did they really think I’d come back the same?

And just cuz’ I change

The world doesn’t have to change

Its opinion of me

I just have to change

This entire reality

Quantum physics

A lesson in civics

A great return

A long sojourn

A white flag

Another day

A ripped tag

That away we tore

Can’t you breathe better?

Can you not see more?

Be again my brother

There is yet one more door


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