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For those on the train of the all-encompassing-consciousness. Great piece from



We are each one a grain of sand funneled by cosmic winds
Onto a god’s mandala ~
A grain of sand sighing through the umbilical of a breath

of moonlight.

As our external sun diminishes
An internal sun brightens,
The flow of all
Is the intensity of the immediate ~
Flesh on flesh opens
As a flower to the sun’s rays ~
Each of us cosmic holograms,
Each of us completely all other
Wedded to loss and sweetness of consciousness,
Wedded to love and the terrible terror of this life ~
Mourners sprawled onto the shifting sands,
The beach of eternal unknowing,
This tentative foothold we have in forgetfulness
Slipping away as it must and as it should in reaching
More more more as we thrust into quantum fields ~
Feedback of the indifferent sky searing our eyes.

Walk into the flaming suns within yourself and come back

to you,

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  1. Oh wow, I feel honoured, thank you for reblogging my poem!
    No I am not published outside of internet blogging sites. I am the typical artist who detests anything to do with the business end of things, but am hoping one day to get serious about
    looking for a book publisher. The world of publishing has changed so much in recent years
    I really don’t know where to start.
    Happy New Year, readers such as yourself is why I keep writing. Blessings!

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