The End of Their World

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Poetry, Prose
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Not fully accepted by whites, not by blacks, not gay. not smart, not stupid.

No good at sports.

No group to be “labeled” in.

The culture pounding a “get in where you fit in” mentality from early development.

You feel like a freak if you don‘t fit in somewhere.


Divide and conquer.

And the junkies are always accepting applications.

Never mind the pharmaceutical industry on every corner;

every billboard,

every commercial,

offering smiles for your troubles.

Never mind the food industry pumping your dinner full of CHEMICAL additives.

Did they really think this wouldn’t change things?

Alter our physiology in some way?

There is a disenfranchised army of genetically altered mutants wandering the streets these days.

And that terrifies the system.

They can start it.

They can contain it.

They can lie to us about it.

They can throw us in PRISONS.

But they can’t CONTROL it.

I’ve been studying PHENOMENOLOGY.

You are a small part of a great-big divine consciousness.

Don’t forget that.

Maybe 2012 was the end of the world.

The end of a bullshit commercial reality fed to us intravenously through television programming.

There will be no BEGINNING without an end…


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