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Come on over,

Come as you are; as you were

I miss the comfort in being sad

I need an easy friend

Use just once & destroy

Clean up before she comes

Scent is still in my place of recovery

She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak

She said she/d take me anywhere as long as I stayed clean

She/s over bored

She should/ve worn a crown of thorns

She just wants to love herself

I always knew it/d come to this

Daddy/s little girl ain/t a girl no more

She asked me to untie her

If she floats then she is not a witch like we thought

She keeps it pumping straight to my heart


How is it one falls so in love

With the emptiness of silence?

& these crazy ladies chasing

After these meaningless tyrants

& this addictive time-wasting

Welcome to the land of confusion

Welcome back to the grand delusion

With which we forever flee

The nightmare once thought a dream

The few wild animals left to see

Just roam about believing they/re free

Despite the trapping urban cage

Idolize holywood housewives

The absolute worth of our lives

Measured by an hourly wage

PuT a FaCe On It

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Apathetic atrocity

Stains set so deeply

Don/t clean easily

A wild-fire spreading

Disease infecting

These laid waste streets filled with bodies


& this concrete is hardening

Severed arteries

That wont stop bleeding

& die quietly

So few want to see

A face put upon suffering

There Goes MY Hero

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Poetry

You became

my hero the

day you left this town.

When your dreams

seemed to fracture,

you carried on. &

you always

believed. I’m so

happy, for this new


you found. I’m so

proud, of the person

you became.

I’m so proud, you

never turned around.

Not ever

sad, you chose to

keep carrying on.

I had a dream

More like a nightmare

I was walking down a

Lights-out road let/s

Just say Parkview street

A police car drove by

Knew what would come

Next so I threw the

Fire & waited; the brake

Lights came on &

the car hit reverse

& next thing I knew I

Ran for my life

& I was panting,

Jumping over fences

An abandoned

House came into view

Its broken window made

A nice entrance

I huddled in an

Empty corner while more

Cops arrived on

The scene getting REAL

Close; patrolling; creeping

Through yellow yards

It was a matter

Of time; damn, why the hell

Did I run; flee

The scene; though there was

No scene from which to flee

A felony

So I waded out

Before they found me; tried


They drug me back to

The street; smacked my head off

The hood; chipped teeth

Tombstones buried in

Pink soil; thanks Gunslinger

These guys must think

That they/re king; then my

Friend drives by & parks down

The road & starts

To record with his

Phone camera this now

Turned travesty

They arrest him &

He/s charged with obstructing

Next we/re sitting

In county; cop comes

Up & asks me, “Why did

I run?” I tell

Him, “Cops freak me out

& scare me.” He says, “There/s

No worry if

I/d done no wrong.” I

Smile through my bloodied teeth

As a boy I lived with the Incredible Hulk

What the other boys would give

But they know not his way

He/d just smash and sulk

Those days I had little dare

Until just recent

He was married to Jean Grey

Before she became Phoenix

Jean was having an affair

With a young Scott Summers

Hulk angry despite what he say

Smashing things

Smashing people

Smashing lovers

Didn/t see Banner much those days

& Jean would always cry

& scream out why

& drag her psychic nails through my mind

Already a stuntman

I became Batman

Plotted & contrived devices

Dug a deep cave under the madness

For years I lived in the darkness

Forgot old tears

Discovered new fears

Growing more strange over the years

You could say I became a Doctor of the Strange one day

Spoke invocations

Experienced possessions

Performed exorcisms

But I grew tired of being strange

Wanted a life out the dark

So I gathered my loot

Bought some glasses like Clark

Constructed a new suit

Red cape & all

I became Superman

& out the blue

Up,up, and away I flew

Fly like you/ll never fall

These Goths…

With their designer clothes.

Designed to look non/designer.

& their mascara running.

Is not America Satanic enough?

I bear scars.

Saw infected arms.

Heard store alarms.

I/ve known tricks

that sell their souls real quick

for a bag to get off sick.

A land where your existence

is measured and weighed

& factored in as economy.

Do not tell me

about the dark reality.

The hell with Crowley.

You want scary?

Go into the heart of darkness;

the INNER city.

Behind every building,

under every bridge,

in every bathroom stall,

are our cities’ deepest pits.

There the dark sits.

Where are the real Gothic?

Those who burned the body of Percy?

Whose heart was collected

from the ashes of that great funeral fire.

For the human heart

is notorious

for being difficult to burn.

His heart enveloped

by his poem Adonais.

Words which cemented

Keats’s legacy.

Those magnificent lights that never stay with us.

Where are the:

Blakes and

Keats and

Byrons and

Clares and

Shelleys and

Coleridges and

Wordsworths now?

Who will light the pyre for America?

For she IS dying…

Who here will burn their hand taking her heart from the embers of the fire?

Who will wrap her heart in the already*blood*soaked constitution?

That shining poem…

Written as testimony to those that came before us:

That we were here.

That we saw truth.

That we would crawl from underneath

the tyranny of aristocracy.

Never again living on our knees.

That shining moment…

When we still believed.

Before this dark wind of apathy

swept over the streets of our cities.

Now is the time…

We can finally breathe.

For us to speak.

For us to dream.

Now is the time…

We learn to live again.