As a boy I lived with the Incredible Hulk

What the other boys would give

But they know not his way

He/d just smash and sulk

Those days I had little dare

Until just recent

He was married to Jean Grey

Before she became Phoenix

Jean was having an affair

With a young Scott Summers

Hulk angry despite what he say

Smashing things

Smashing people

Smashing lovers

Didn/t see Banner much those days

& Jean would always cry

& scream out why

& drag her psychic nails through my mind

Already a stuntman

I became Batman

Plotted & contrived devices

Dug a deep cave under the madness

For years I lived in the darkness

Forgot old tears

Discovered new fears

Growing more strange over the years

You could say I became a Doctor of the Strange one day

Spoke invocations

Experienced possessions

Performed exorcisms

But I grew tired of being strange

Wanted a life out the dark

So I gathered my loot

Bought some glasses like Clark

Constructed a new suit

Red cape & all

I became Superman

& out the blue

Up,up, and away I flew

Fly like you/ll never fall

  1. graysonqueen says:

    Reblogged this on I am Grayson. and commented:
    I don’t write or read poetry (usually) but often feel there should be some on my blog. And now this is the best opportunity to kill few birds with one stone for Superhero January.

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