Come on over,

Come as you are; as you were

I miss the comfort in being sad

I need an easy friend

Use just once & destroy

Clean up before she comes

Scent is still in my place of recovery

She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak

She said she/d take me anywhere as long as I stayed clean

She/s over bored

She should/ve worn a crown of thorns

She just wants to love herself

I always knew it/d come to this

Daddy/s little girl ain/t a girl no more

She asked me to untie her

If she floats then she is not a witch like we thought

She keeps it pumping straight to my heart


  1. Alice Keys says:

    I like your creative use of form and color on the page in your poetry.

    • Thank you so much! I trained myself in impressionism, but I didn/t have the ability as painter. But a lot of its traits followed me over to writing. I put a lot of emphasis on how the words fall on the page. If you get a chance come over to the official website. We put a lot cool work into the design where you can really see it at work. I can only do so much visually with this WP site.

    • I/ve also been working on a prose (if you can consider my weird style prose) piece about the drug war you might find interesting. It should be ready in a few days. It/s just taking me forever to check statistics.

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