If you guys get a chance, stop by the official site, http://zenspeaknine.com/ . Been doing a lot of twisting and turning over there and the interface and design are just amazing. There is no comparison to having your own private domain. So much more creative freedom. WordPress is cool to just write, but I always considered my work to be a complete visual experience; rather than just a literary one. As I said a hundred times before, “I write like I paint, but I can’t paint; but if I could paint, it’d be like I write.” Compiling a playlist through Spotify now, so there will be a customized radio station to listen to while browsing. Only problem I’m running into, is that the reader has to have Spotify too, in order to work. But hey, it’s getting there. A lot of rumors fly around about WordPress owning the material you run through their site, but don’t listen to that nonsense. The problems I ran into with WordPress concerned aesthetic freedom and some of the inconsiderate people who populate the WordPress community and the intellectual snobbery that stifles any kind of creative expression that attempts anything against the norm. But that is not WP’s fault. I wish I could abscond from WP entirely, but there are a few of artists over here that I think the world of and it would break my heart to lose communication with them. So, for now at least, I shall flip between the two. But, if you do find the time and want to step out the box for a minute, come visit me over there at my new home and give me a follow over there. And by the way the way, the “ZENspeak” book has arrived, and will be available through Amazon in approximately two weeks. “ZENspeak” can be purchased directly through the publisher at the link below and on the zenspeaknine official website. Miss you guys and many thanks.



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