Vicariously Vampiric

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Poetry
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Televised energy circling me like a vulture
What passes these days for American culture
Yet, everyone seems as if they want to hear it
Draining my already futile/fighting spirit
I’m said to take it far too serious
That cats are killed for being less curious
But here we have a strange sense of community
Feel good about televising those twisted emotionally
Take that talk show phenomenon spawned from the nineties
Sitting and watching parents pass responsibility
Not wondering about the kid at age fifteen
His mother showing him the tape of when she was on T.V.
Him asking,
Who’s that guy there on the screen?                                                                                            To only hear her dry reply,
Shit son, that’s your dead beat father you ain’t ever seen.
But he and I did make a hell/a scene
I click the cliche for some serenity
Turn the channel from talk show hosts
To the politicians standing on bodies
Delivering ceremonial/inaugural toasts
Speeches beaming how much capitalism costs
Even merely watching hell gets one hot                                                                                        In a land where the rich do the talking
They get to televise their bullshit walking
Despite all the comedic relief from the executive staff
We need something more to make us laugh
And of course at someone else’s expense
Something to take our minds from nonsense like debt crisis
Forget all this talk of sisters and brothers
We need a good laugh at the failed dreams of others
So I religiously watch shows like American Idol
While my gratefully dead hands clutch the Bible
A little something to help me feel blessed
That I wasn’t so stupid to step out of line
And be publicly ridiculed till utterly embarrassed                                                                Nope; not me                                                                                                                               Safely cradled in the ultramodern western paradigm
That plastic-paragon model
Of the last great American marvel
And to think
We were taught to think
This land was taken from the savage
Join the carnage
Of the 21st century’s psychological carnival

  1. Oscar winning actor Tim Robbins says he has got rid of his television because it was making him aggressive. I threw it out because it was inane and boring.

    Take care Carl!

    • Tim Robbins seems to have quite a few interesting things to say, especially about the state of independent film making; Susan too, I watched a great documentary she hosted about Dr. Joseph Cambell, wow, what a knockout that guy was with the mythos.

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