A Beautiful Evil

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Poetry
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Being addicted to opiates is like getting hugged by a giant vagina.
At first,
the pulsating warmth that courses through the blood is irresistible.
You’re stuck to her glue.
But then you find out it’s riddled with sexually transmitted diseases.
That it is sleeping with half the town behind your back.
& you try to quit;
but she won’t let you leave.
Not till she is finished with you.
Not until she has fucked all your friends.
Sometimes even screwing family members.
Blew through all your money.
Sold all your stuff.
& when the last drop is squeezed from your writhing body,
then she will leave.
Right when you had just gotten used to having her around.


This is not glorification; rather, consternation.


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