The Easter Bunny & Domestic Terrorism

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Prose, Uncategorized
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I was driving to work this morning and noticed the road was closed. Parked at the opposite ends of the road were two black police humvees. Riot guns were strapped to the dashboards. Cops everywhere, dressed in black tactical gear. The vehicles were black. This is right in front of the courthouse, mind you. I’m like, what the hell is going on here? Later at work, I find out the road was closed for an Easter egg hunt.

This is what our ultramodern kids are growing up with.

Cops come into the coffee house where I work daily. They’re cool enough, but they all wear bulletproof vests now. The first time I saw this, I have to admit, I thought, these seatbelt violators must be getting crazy these days.

In the late 1980’s, my alcoholic uncle was going through a heart-wrenching divorce. He grabbed his shotgun and tried to commit suicide. He couldn’t do it. My aunt freaked out and called the cops. He got the bright idea to stand in his front lawn, waving the shotgun of course, until the cops arrived. I guess he hoped they’d be able to finish the job for him. The cops did arrive and maintained their cool through the whole episode, despite my uncle being an abusive drunk and pointing his gun all over the place. His 16-year-old daughter ran out and calmed him down. He gave up and the police took him to the station. They kept him overnight to sober up. He was out the next day.

If the above scene happened today, he’d been blown away no doubt. They’ll kill you these days if you’re holding a telephone. They may even kill if you’re taking a picture with that cell phone. If my uncle wasn’t shot, he’d certainly be spending the rest of his life in prison.

Perhaps there is a disconnect with older generations. Maybe they think things are still the same. I just can’t figure out why we allow our tax dollars to be spent on this crazy shit that is designed for the sole purpose of harming us. Everything that helps us is cut from the budget. I go to the emergency room and they take my blood pressure. A week later, a bill collector is calling to collect a four hundred and ninety dollar bill. I can’t drive to work without the risk of getting a flat tire. There are meteor craters for potholes all over the place. They say I can’t get a job better than eight-fifty an hour. That I’ll have to work that shitty job till I’m eighty, before I can collect social security. Schools are closing down all around me. But they got no problem taking thirty-two percent of every book I sell. Nineteen percent from my shitty paycheck.

Hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the military. Budgets proposing hundreds more. What do we get? Police out in double the force enforcing double traffic fines every holiday. Good going. We’ve allowed them to declare us public enemy number one.

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