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Posted: April 5, 2013 in Poetry, Prose, Uncategorized
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I look around and see so much suffering. However, there is so much beauty in the struggle. My heroes have changed so much over the years. I am now amazed by people who have every reason in the world to give up, that know it’ll take years of struggle, if it will ever get better at all, that know every one is waiting/wanting them to fail; but they continue on anyway.

Every person that has stood by my crazy/artistic endeavors, I have such admiration for their bravery. I know I am a difficult friend. I wish I could just write about flowers and sunlight.

But as survivors, we have a duty: to speak of what we lived through.

I see my writing as fire. It will burn you. All flames cause burns that cause scar tissue. But that scar tissue is tougher-though a little worse for wear-than the skin that came before it. This scar tissue gives us awareness of its cause. We begin to see the cause of this suffering all around us and we eventually mature enough mentally to see how our decisions are exasperating this suffering. That is ZENspeak.

I am taking the book out of private and releasing it into global distribution this week. Everyone that bought the book directly from the publisher, in order to optimize my share of the proceedings, I thank the hell out of you. Because of you, I was able to cut back to working only two to three days a week. This enabled me to pursue this dream. The second book is nearly finished and I have already outlined the third. Thank you all. If I‘d continued working 60 hours a week I would have probably shot myself. There is no way to keep that up until almost 80, when you can finally get social security. I actually thought about robbing a bank for a while, just to get out from this economic mess.


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