Postmodern Paranoia In Jonestown

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Prose, Uncategorized
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This conspiracy theory thing is so spooky, I have conspiracy theories about the conspiracy theories.


I am sitting here thinking about the 21st century and a new era of cults of personalities.

I start thinking about Alex Jones.

Before I begin:

It is only fair to say, I am a follower of Mr. Jones’ work. His broadcast has inspired me as deeply as it has disappointed me. Sure, I am opposed to his childish antics, narrow opinions, and bigotry. Nevertheless, this guy has a beast for a research team. A single, three-hour episode contains an inconceivable wealth of information. Two pieces in the ZENSPEAK book (shameless plug, I know, but I learned from the best) were influenced by one of his shows. Before I made a fool out of myself and started publishing statistics that may prove incorrect, I did some fact checking. Out of the ten talking points I reviewed, seven of which were easily verifiable. Two of the points revolved around real events; however, they had that special Jonestown spin that will only coerce interpretations favorable to the opinions of Mr. Jones. I guess it is his rodeo. I could not find a trace of the tenth talking point. Hey, seven out of ten is still pretty good, considering today’s standards of journalistic integrity. I am not arguing whether or not Alex deserves his legion of followers. A legion with millions in its ranks. I am concerned about the power that comes with such vast numbers.

What if the mysterious powers that be, planted Alex Jones in the internet to gather intelligence to be able to identify and persecute this demographic? Every registration to every website, every e-mail, every address on every mailing list and shipping invoice recorded and stored in a database, entrapping those individuals that entertain ideas of dissent and nonconformity. A Death Star-tractor beam designed to snag the politically jaded.

Maybe he started out good, and they got to him later. Even if A. J. is as awesome as he thinks he is, he is still a human being. We must consider all possibilities, for these jackals are cunning, and experience teaches us that human beings are easily corrupted. This makes me think back to the heroes that were pivotal to my development. Heroes that I once perceived as incorruptible; Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Han Solo, Buddha, Jesus Christ — a few that come to mind. All of these heavy hitters had their struggles with the flesh.

Moreover, just as Mara had sent his three daughters to thrice-tempt Gautama Buddha five hundred years before, the devil cast three temptations upon Jeshua during his sojourn in the desert. We could even discuss Jesus’ prayer at the Mount of Olives. A plea to be removed from the path of the cross. If those legends could be broken down to a moment of weakness, what chance does super JONES have?

But I am straying from the point. The point being, all beings have moments of vulnerability. Not all is what it seems. Watch yourself. We are swimming with the sharks now.

  1. Very interesting Carl…..I had the same thoughts myself, would be an excellent method of subterfuge.

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