The Last Gasp Of Impoverished America

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There is a law being considered to force people to purchase bicycle insurance if they want to ride a bike.

No shit.

What is that you say? It will never happen? Well, I remember when people said the same thing about automobile insurance.

What a wonderful idea.

Let us tax those poor bastards that can’t afford to drive. Then, they will have no way to get to work, have no choice but to sign up for the food stamp program, and then we can blame them for crashing the American economy, while the CEOs of the top banks sneak out the back door with sacks full of billions in cash.

The poor are being taxed to death.

The government takes thirty percent of every book I sell.

They take nineteen percent of every paycheck.

We got sales tax.

Forced to buy car insurance.

Come 2016, we’ll be forced to buy health insurance.

Everything we do is a potential fine.

Now bicycle insurance?

Are you fucking kidding me?

What’s next? A tax for breathing? Watch out for that carbon tax. Careful what you exhale.

Why not sleeping? What if while I was sleeping I started sleepwalking? And while I was sleepwalking, I hurt somebody else?

This is getting ridiculous.

I don’t understand why I have to pay into a system that I’m obviously not a part of in any way. I’ve had an abscess tooth for over eight months that I can’t get pulled. They tell me I’ll have to work until I’m nearly eighty to collect social security, if it’ll even be around then. They take my entire income tax. I’m treated like public enemy-number one by the law enforcement I help pay for.

There has to be a way to opt out of this system.

  1. Know how you feel Carl. Other than trying to find a better planet I don’t know of a way out, at least here in canada there is still free medical.

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