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  1. mariadesuede says:

    “Ragnarök” correct written, pronounce “ragnaroek”, it’s the end of the world, a war between the Gods and the Giants, the Snake is around the world, but finally the World will be for humans. Thor, pronounce Tor the H is not pronounced in Swedish, Norwegian etc… A mythology, but it’s some truth in this…

  2. Webster dictionary. I knew it was an end of the world norse mythos but had no idea how to pronounce so i went by their pronouncements and wiki. Actually, I’m not into much Norse stuff, the author has been my only support over here in these trecherous waters of pretententious sharks and I thought it’d be nice to do a kind of tribute, and this was one of my favorite pieces. I’ll let the author know.
    To be honest, I forgot who you were at first, it’s been awhile, but I do like your stuff and apologize if I seemed brash. I just hate wordpress sometimes. So many people just beating other people over the head to look smart. I’ve actually had to block followers and comments, like seriously, you follow me to argue with me? Crazy. I thought I’d fall into community, instead I find that the majority of writers are worse than the people I was trying to get away from.
    But I mistook your intentions and for that I apologize. You are one of the good guys. I’m just here to watch the rest burn.
    However, I do have a problem with the spelling thing.
    to me its like saying, calling the apostle Peter, Peter is wrong because it is an evolution of petra (rock,stone) but I’m not running around spewing Greek in America. It is just a modernization.
    But I never argue with a lady, because its a fight I never win.
    I’m glad this happened though, because it reminded me to get back over to your site.
    Have a good one.

  3. Thanks again Carl! As far as spelling ancient names, I tend to go with the modern to make things simpler and more recognizable. No big deal either way though 🙂 I got 17 listens to your reading already. I love the background “sound” effect. Gives it an eerie feel, which I like. Take care ~~ Angela

  4. No, it is no big deal. WordPress just gets me on edge sometimes. There are a lot of phenomenal writers here. I’m not a blogger though, and I suppose that is where the clash is with some.
    The same goes with facebook too. I’m not a social media kind of guy But the lulu representaives keep saying, publicize, promote, social media.
    Here I am pushing, feeling like an ass.
    I do like twitter. Get in, get out. Cuts the politics down.
    These sites remind me of high school.
    You got a knack for taking the pain of reality and fusing it with surreal fantasy. I figured the best way to capture that feel was to manifest the weirdest backround loop possible. I love doing these video-readings. Hopefully we can do something again soon.
    Apologies all around.

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