Christianity, Homosexuality, and Charity

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Prose, Uncategorized
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It breaks you down; giving so much of yourself away to someone that could care less about you in return. However, I dealt out a lot of that kind of thing during the bad years; so, I chalk it up to karma. Still it hurts. I read so many similar, disgruntled posts. Which gets one wondering, if we’re all so upset about being treated like shit, who are all these people dealing out the shit? I assume it is us all just taking turns on each other.

Which brings me to the most simple, yet the ultimate commandment of the New Testament: to love one another.

I’ve been looking and I can’t find one thing that says to only love people who don’t have substance abuse problems, or that have money, or believe in the same thing that you do, or are not gay.

In fact, I may be wrong, but I can’t find one thing in from the traditional Gospels that Jesus said against homosexuality. And I am not talking about the writings of Paul, or any of the latter letters from the New Testament, just what Jesus said. He did speak a lot about sexual immorality (the better to go with one eye lesson). I’m not saying he supported it. But he didn’t target gay activity specifically. If anyone can find anything in the three Coptic Gospels, I’ll change my stance.

As far as Paul goes, he also said that a woman should never be in a position of authority in a congregation and that a woman must always wear her hair long to cover her face in shame for the original sin of Eve.

The Old Testament did say a lot about homosexuality. But it also treated slaves as private property, was in favor of genocide, labeled a woman as unclean if she spilled a drop of menstrual blood, and any man that discharged a drop of semen that wasn‘t intended to conceive was also to be considered unclean.

I am talking about the new law, not the old.

When Jesus was asked how better to follow him, he said, sell ALL of your belongings and give the proceedings to the poor.

Try selling that one to this Black Friday culture.

Never mind that hungry homeless guy you drive by on your way to work everyday. Just worry about swear words and the Ten Commandments being posted everywhere. Leave the big things to the big boys.

Western Civilization has taken the teeth out of Christianity. Little by little, we lose credibility because of hypocrisy.

If you agree with any of this, start getting ready for the holidays. The Mahoning County Rescue Mission needs a lot of help for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Their funding is being cut left and right. Last year was a nightmare for them.

It is hard to love one another, it may be impossible, with so much hate in the heart. I’d do well to remember that.

  1. sunshinemoonlightboogie says:

    Yes, we are all the abuser and the abused, no matter how saintly we may think we are. And that explains the state of the world.

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