Who Needs Gun Control?

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Prose, Uncategorized
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Before I begin, I would like to say, this is not one-of-those pretentious/opinionated pieces pretending to have all the answers. There are no answers here, merely observations.

Gun control has become a major issue that I have tried to avoid. I have avoided it because I find it difficult to offer my full support to either side of this debate.

Many of the second amendment supporters deliver sound points about personal liberty, only to spiral into racism and hysteria. Many of the gun control supporters have good intentions at heart; only to regress into the belief, that the best way to keep everyone safe is to regulate every aspect of human activity in order to ensure democracy. As I cannot offer my full support to either side of this debate, I felt it was wiser to stay out of it. However, this has escalated into an issue effecting everyone.

I will never be able to own a gun for I have been branded a felon; though, I have never committed a violent crime, nor have I ever been accused of being a risk to anyone other than myself. My felony is a direct result of the pseudo-war on drugs. This has become a manufactured crisis to strip away the rights of the poor. The majority of which are minorities. It has evolved into an undercover attempt at gun control that targets a specific group of people.

Those against gun control cite many reasons to keep guns in the hands of the public. There is the hunting argument. To protect oneself and private property is another reason. Some believe anarchy will break out as the economic depression sinks to new depths, and after the circus FEMA orchestrated at Katrina, many do not want to count on the federal government for protection. To me, the most important reasons to support gun control reflect the trust we have in our government.

There are those that trust the government to be the sole possessors of firepower.

There are those that do not.

What is pissing me off are the rich people with armed bodyguards that say it is ridiculous for the American public not to trust the government to protect them.

I also think if children’s photographs can be paraded about, to further political agendas on gun control, we should be able to display publicly, the thousands of photographs that show all the children that have died because of drone attacks. I’d like to see the president shed a few tears for them.

This makes one wonder why these politicians try so hard for an academy award nomination one minute before carpet-bombing a known domestic area filled with women and children. Yes, this type of activity can be documented. This is why it’s hard for me to believe the bleeding heart routine delivered by the government. Nevertheless, I do believe the majority of the American public that support gun control are sincere.

Why is it okay for us to flood other countries with arms that kill innocent civilians elsewhere? Why are the American children the only ones that matter?

Our military industrial complex is out of control. We are light years beyond any other military. We spend hundreds of billions more on our military than Russia and China. We continue to do so while cutting programs for the poor, infrastructure, arts, and education. Talk about something in need of gun control.

I wish we could do away with guns entirely and go back to hand-to-hand combat. If someone has the desire to commit violence upon another living being, let us witness a show of his or her conviction. We should draw up a mandate that requires the government officials quick to send other peoples’ children off to die, in wars only a select few profit from, to participate personally in the wars these monsters help cultivate.

  1. Excellent points raised.

  2. This issue is crazy, I should get you a link to this guy on WP, the obamacrat. I read one of his comment threads for like two hours. You wouldn’t believe how stupid both sides are. How can you be all teary eyed for kids but support the war machine and drone attacks? I’m so tired of hypocrites, and these same people holding the poor accountable for everything they do.

  3. I;m too angry these days. I need to start meditating again before I have a heart attack

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