Medicine That Kills

Posted: May 3, 2013 in Poetry, Prose, Uncategorized
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Whenever someone tells you something, polarize the concept, step to the opposite end, and look back.


I had this nightmare the other night.

The sun was setting.

I was running down a street

Thousands of angry actors were chasing me.

Dressed like doctors,




correction officers,

probation officers,

public defenders,

bill collectors,

social workers,

drug counselors,


Some rattled sabers.

Some threw rocks.

Some shouted,

stop running idiot, we’re trying to help you!

I had to keep running.

But I was unable to catch my breath.

I was suffocating.

I fell to the ground,

out of air.

I curled into a ball.

I could hear them running past me,

all around me.

I knew at any moment they would look down and find me.

Wake up.

Wake up.


I woke up.


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