A Promised Land

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Poetry
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Gasping, wincing; clutched chests
In a bathtub coffin
Laid to rest
White as porcelain
Prayers unanswered
By disguised corporate gods
Down here
All are quiet
Down here
We await sentence
To give back the silver
While repeating repentance
Over and over
Crimson and clover
My brother
To think of you now
Consumed in the dirt
The clay of the earth
Supporting desecrated ground
Body burnt
Ashes scattered
A channel with no sound
Sparks for our pyre
Temper skill
In the funeral fire
Sacred magic of forgotten tomes
The snakes handled
To empty a tomb
For a new one to fill
We all participate
In the soft kill
Slumber in reverie
But the levee breaks soon
Whatever you heard
This is no return
Going quietly with the slow burn
Back from the dead
But not to save them
Here to save you
Collecting truth
Waiting for a turn
To unleash these lies learned
Esoteric verses gather us
Resurrect us like Lazarus
20:22 Leviticus
We’re here for the land promised us
Someone forgot to mention this
While there’s still time
Erase lines devised
To conquer and divide
Guess who’s picking the sides
An operation no longer clandestine
Remember me; remember you
Before our hands had been tied
For how we’ll be remembered
Will be how we chose to die
Promises masking lies
Never materialize
Mesmerized as if hypnotized
Staring at our scars
One day they’ll realize
These tracks will trace
Our path to the stars
Before we’re done
How amazing
The novelty honesty has become

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