Happy Single Mothers Day!

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Poetry, Prose, Uncategorized
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We know who you are out there struggling.

We saw your front teeth get kicked in, your swollen jaw, your blackened eyes. We watched you get drug across a street by your hair. We know how embarrassed you feel every time you hold up a checkout counter because the cashier has to check your WIC card or your EBT card will not swipe. We hear the snide remarks from the line behind you. We know it’s difficult to find the right guy, when most the “right” guys won’t date a girl with kids. We know how rare it is to find a job that’ll work with your schedule. We know how hard you worked and hustled to make sure we had something nice for Christmas.

We were there.

We went through it all with you.

And who are we?

We are the children of the forgotten families of America.

And when we get our turn at power, we will not forget a thing of that.

We love and appreciate you all so much.

Happy Mothers Day!


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