Church Of The Paradigm Saints

Posted: May 18, 2013 in Poetry, Uncategorized
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Put on your best and head

To the new church

Of the Paradigm Saints

Embrace this pain

Because the truth it hurts

And may God bless the T.V.

How ever would we see what was happening,

if we didn’t get it intravenously?

But we can only do so much vicariously

Feel the pulse of the streets

A disease spreading

Something darker

More consuming

Than even poverty

Of more value

Than mere wage slavery

Come off your knees

Survey the scene

Before it’s too late

There’s miracles to consummate

Forget the new speech of old newspeak

Hope and change that no one believes

Rigor mortis of humanity is setting

Take time out to look in

Went from night to day to memory

And every bloody Sunday

To a ghost haunting in small doses

An hour here

A summer there

Been no bed of roses

Drawing dreams like a last breath

Sewing torn seams

Is all we got


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