Balaam’s Donkey

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Prose, Uncategorized
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Experience is more important than reality.

If an individual witnesses God, it does not matter if God is real.
The significance is the experience.

Wittgenstein wrestled with defining truth; the meaning of a succession of events, and how that meaning fits into the current construct of reality defines our truth.
Reality gives truth meaning.

He was right.
If an association fits in a reality, it is true.

However, ultramodern reality has skewed our definition of reality.

For instance:
We employ numerous double agents in the United Stated congress; agents that daylight as representatives for the people before moonlighting as inside traders on the stock market.
They have a license to commit the aforementioned illegal activity.

This is really happening.

But there is no truth found in this reality, other than the experience that is occurring in reality.

We do not need truth to experience things in reality.

Define truth.
Redefine reality.
Experience consciousness.

Reality does not dictate consciousness.
Consciousness dictates reality.

Let it be true…

  1. Brilliant and absolutely correct……as far as I experience it 🙂

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