Picking up the pieces to a tattered existence.

Torn apart by the American dream.

There are days that even the pen feels abstract.

Where to go?

What to write?

I used to do drugs; until the drugs started doing me.

But I believe that suffering helped maintain a link to a certain breed of humanity.

No matter how insignificant or self-inflicted that suffering may be.

And when we know,

  we have a duty,

  to teach what we know,

  to those that do not know.

Keep writing…

Keep dreaming…

Keep believing that there is more to life than the big payday.

Prophetic doom-


wishful thinking…


The absolute influence…

The powerful spontaneity of self-manifestation.

Find artistic merit amid this dank and daft existence.

The great experiment of chemical combustion has failed us.

Signs of light emerging,

through the end of the tunnel-vision of commercial reality

Scratching and clawing…

Hanging on, tooth and nail…

Reliable predictability of misery.

Blank walls…

Empty stares…

Assembled bricks…

Back to the wall…

Too high to see over…

Resilience in the face of artistic adversity.

Mirrored reflections of my past psyches.

  1. :::””””””Find artistic merit amid this dank and daft existence”””””” I like that!

    • The last three months I’ve tried to break it down as simple as possible; themes of love, streets, addiction, politics. I stopped the allusions to Dante, Eliot, Milton. it’s weird because I think the writing suffers, but it is more approachable. Torn between wanting to be a voice of the common life and the fancy pants trying to look smart

      • Well amazing that you read Dante, Eliot, etc etc. they are great inspirations and often motivate me to write. It’s great to be smart , yes, but as a writer trying to communicate to the average public it’s best to keep words down to earth but full of wisdom etc. at the same time. I think you achieve that 🙂 I would like to get back to painting but need a new art table that I can afford and feel comfortable with. But that is the least of my problems……….energy and inspiration are the big challenges, especially when one works at a boring energy-sucking job…..anyway, if there is a will there is a way 🙂 Hope your publication plans are going well. I only check for comments once in awhile , hence my delay in replying. Take care and keep writing, I read everything I see of yours Carl. Hugs ~~ Angela

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