Ministers Of The Art Of Peace

Posted: June 15, 2013 in Poetry, Prose, Uncategorized
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I project my ideal-self outward.

I stay as true as possible to that imagined state.

I use that to align my moral compass.

In that, I answer only to myself.

But my self as it fits into the patterns around me.

There is no recognition of archaic superstitions or stifling bureaucracies or unjustified wars.

I refuse to accept them as a part of my reality.

I am now a minister in the ministry of the art of peace.


I’ve been thinking about the Tractatus a lot.

The problems that arise with language when asking the big questions.

Who’s to say what truth is?



How can you have an intelligent debate when there’s no sensible question posed?

And in sensible I mean, not able to be measured by the senses.

Therein, lies the inner purpose of art.

Through many mediums, it wrestles abstract images into creation that our brains can associate with.


Old Bull Lee always said,

we’d be better off to let the artists run the world.

I always loved Bill.

It makes a lot more sense than letting bankers do it.

Let people whose entire existence is not based upon generating revenue have a say in things.


Back to Wittgenstein.


Think of the abstract language thrown around in politics.

Hope; freedom; change; equality…

Who better to capture the abstract than an artist?

Who better to bring those types of ideas into reality?


Be true to yourself and you will be true to others.

  1. Austin Starr says:

    I love Wittgenstein, too. The logical rules about what can be said strips so much power away from the ‘truth’ in concepts like patriotism, religion.
    Thanks for posting your poem. Good job!

    • He is a profound one is he not?! A couple posts back, I fleshed out a piece about not being to distinguish the issues that are directly in front of you. Ludwig’s logic served as its focal point. The work fell silent, so I feared there weren’t many familiar with his work. Its nice to know that there are. Thank you for reading and taking the time out to comment.

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