A Sad Day For Horror

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Prose, Uncategorized


We lost a great mind the other day. Richard Matheson, author, passed away at age 87. If you’re asking yourself who the hell this is, you probably already know him. Many of his works have translated to screen; Twilight Zone, I Am Legend, Stir of Echoes, The Shrinking Man, Hell House, and What Dreams May Come are a few of his successes. He worked with some of the greatest in the industry, a list that included Stephen King and Stephen Spielberg. Though, he will be remembered in popular culture for his contributions to film and television, this guy was a phenomenal writer, and a profound influence on generations of writers(King included).

I had hopes, oh God, what hopes I had. I was going to write prose that would make people sit up and gasp. I was going to tell them things they needed badly to know. I was going to tell them in so entertaining a way that they would never realize that the truth was getting to them. I was going to create immortal works.

Now, when I die, I shall only be dead. I am trapped in this depressing village, entombed in a college of science where men gape at dust and do not even know that there are stars above their heads.

-Mad House 1953-

Searching for the sweet elusive at 120 miles per hour…

-Dance Of The Dead 1954-

Man, I’m going to miss that guy…


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