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The real question will always be,
whether there will ever be,
a re-collection of the mythical realization of life’s true miracles that reality manifests itself from?

All of us,
family in spirit,
carrying within,
an all-informing mythos that compels life to live.

We are not many cells,
with but one function,
co-existing in several bodies.

We are many cells,
in one body,
with different functions that give purpose to our existence.

We are easily dazzled by I-phones and nice cars,
like crows with shiny things;
every time we applaud such things,
we silently mourn the death of our spirit.

We must not measure the worth of a life with material standards.

A REAL love for your self will lead you to love others.

…ME thinks.

Sophia Wordless

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Poetry

She smiles and I know
from her expression,
her language,
her poetic motion,
she sees me as familiar
as a thousand years ago,
and thousands before that.

We are but one mask
in front of many faces
–with relative dreams
swirling like wisps,
slowly dissipating
in this abyss of darkness
and laughs and screams.

In another life I’d hold her,
save her from herself;
now, I murder
–a leper’s touch
waiting for a messiah,
starved under a bodhi,
dealing out the dealt.

As I tell her it’ll be okay
she wipes her tears away;
really, I can not say,
merely mouthing words
to create vibration,
and fill the vacuum
of time and space.


Western civilization is an overrated group of morons.

Take cats for instance, revered from culture to culture over thousands of years, until a bunch of superstitious nuts started burning them because they thought them familiars for witches and other esoteric-archaic traditions.

The result?

Rat populations boomed, which spread the bubonic plague through Europe like wildfire. The Italians caught on to this and launched a decree that protected cats from harm. This lasted until about ten years ago, when tourists started complaining about the cats being everywhere, ripping open garbage bags and such. A real eyesore it must had been, because felines were then euthanized by the millions ever since.

The result?

Rat populations boomed once again. Now, Italy has rats the size of the small dogs which really freaks out the tourists.


It was thought that Egyptians pioneered the domestication of the breed. There was even a cat goddess named Bastet in their pantheon of gods.

But, in 2007, a 9,500 year old Neolithic grave was found that challenged that preconception, as it had a man buried next to a skeleton of a large wildcat in a venerable fashion.

English monarch Charles I, was quite distraught when his black cat passed. He was absolutely convinced that his luck had run out. The next day, he was arrested for treason.

Black cats were adopted by labor unions in the late 1800’s as a symbol of anarchy against the capitalistic system that was draining the life force from its own workers.

There is a history to this world that we would do well to remember before we trample it completely out of existence.

Personally, I think a better case could be made to euthanize certain types of humans, before murdering all the animals of the world just so we can pour concrete over the entire earth.

Hell, I can deal with a world of dogs and cats running everywhere and ripping open Hefty bags. I’m more concerned about the exploding population of bureaucratic politicians and blood sucking bankers that hold the common man to the very letter of the law while somehow thinking that same law does not apply to them.

But that is me and I am weird.

Stop animal cruelty if you are playing a part.

Direct your energy toward a child molester or a leeching politician.

Those are the real pests.


Paid for the ticket

Did any body show?

We were far too busy

Casting out the first stone

Acting as if we know

Whether we’re alone

Like we’re not spinning

In a child’s snow globe

An abandoned exhibit

Overgrown thorn thicket

Where plastic flowers grow

Animated pin cushions

Terminally collapsed

Scar tissue…still pushin/

We all re-lapsed

Down, we all fall

Come one, come all

Claw & crawl

For the mysteriously ambiguous

Pretending to be pretentious

Poetic inventions

Of rationalized intentions

Too old to be precocious



Today I think I’ll die

From carbon dioxide

Gargle some peroxide

Surgically sterilized

Vaccinated for meningitis

Before being paralyzed

Modified dystrophic

Best take a psychotropic

To better commit suicide


Posted: July 26, 2013 in Poetry
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Alright, I’m crazy
But I’m past the door
I won’t live a lie
I won’t fight this war
Some say this has to end
It can’t sustain itself
Some say we are but dead
To kneel & pray for help

But I have been
Down the dark corridors
Of Babylon’s dungeons
The re-education institutions
& I came back to tell you
That the ravens they are rapping
& the pavement, it is cracking
Hear the Beast’s spine snapping

From Wall Street
To East 99
Talking about entire shifts
Of a broken paradigm
Without a finger lifted
Nor a dollar spent
Just two open eyes

No one ever re-members
To remember the day
Their bright dreams became
Self-inflicted incisions
Fractured fantasies
Of incomplete decisions
A de-tuned symphony
A life jaded; left tattered


Let us open some eyes

Spreads across the streets
A disease of the concrete

It’s the polluted air we breathe
These dark confessions we speak

It’s the messiah of poverty
Bleeding hearts that don’t bleed

Gives new day to believe
Helps liars steal honestly

It’s an addict’s only recovery
An alcoholic’s moment of clarity

Animates the poor poetically
Sets fire under tragedy

What slums think when they dream
Convicted rhymes of the hard times

& we all know what they mean
Makes the blind see street signs

Reveal ignorance realize
Words of a lost world in a city

It’s a divine comedy…