Gnosis Apocalypsis

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Poetry
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So soon I saw Isaiah
Merely studying a tome

Elijah resurrecting
Breathing life into a stone

Under the head of Jacob
From his ladder it was thrown

God’s sake! Somebody please throw
Famished Esau a soup bone

Remember homeless Moses
Who never saw his own home

Standing by Saul of Tarsus
There on the side of the road

Judas sweetly kissing thee
Mark of Cain, cursed & alone

Sons sacrificed by fathers
Just to fill an empty tomb

The Four Horseman already
Came & through our town they rode

Locusts from a lion’s carcass
Babylon, it swarms this globe

The Christs of a thousand years
Rise to lay claim to their throne

Save your self; save someone else
For our sins we will atone

We shall walk on their water
So our faith will not erode


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