Posted: July 26, 2013 in Poetry
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Alright, I’m crazy
But I’m past the door
I won’t live a lie
I won’t fight this war
Some say this has to end
It can’t sustain itself
Some say we are but dead
To kneel & pray for help

But I have been
Down the dark corridors
Of Babylon’s dungeons
The re-education institutions
& I came back to tell you
That the ravens they are rapping
& the pavement, it is cracking
Hear the Beast’s spine snapping

From Wall Street
To East 99
Talking about entire shifts
Of a broken paradigm
Without a finger lifted
Nor a dollar spent
Just two open eyes

No one ever re-members
To remember the day
Their bright dreams became
Self-inflicted incisions
Fractured fantasies
Of incomplete decisions
A de-tuned symphony
A life jaded; left tattered


Let us open some eyes

  1. Great! Hope all is okay Carl 🙂

  2. Besides surviving? Well summer is usually my down time as far as inspiration. I seem to be much more inspired in the depths of winter.

    I did blog a couple of my art pieces on wordpress:

    I have many more but these are the only ones I have put up on wordpress thus far. Did a
    whole series of 25 paintings of Celtic and Germanic mythology for a major showing I had
    few years back now.

    I hope to get back into painting seriously again. This winter I will buckle down to it!

    Thanks Carl 🙂 ((((( Hugs ))))) ~~ Angela

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