Sophia Wordless

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Poetry

She smiles and I know
from her expression,
her language,
her poetic motion,
she sees me as familiar
as a thousand years ago,
and thousands before that.

We are but one mask
in front of many faces
–with relative dreams
swirling like wisps,
slowly dissipating
in this abyss of darkness
and laughs and screams.

In another life I’d hold her,
save her from herself;
now, I murder
–a leper’s touch
waiting for a messiah,
starved under a bodhi,
dealing out the dealt.

As I tell her it’ll be okay
she wipes her tears away;
really, I can not say,
merely mouthing words
to create vibration,
and fill the vacuum
of time and space.

  1. Lisa Gilliam says:

    your writing leaves me speechless,it takes my breath away…xo

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