The real question will always be,
whether there will ever be,
a re-collection of the mythical realization of life’s true miracles that reality manifests itself from?

All of us,
family in spirit,
carrying within,
an all-informing mythos that compels life to live.

We are not many cells,
with but one function,
co-existing in several bodies.

We are many cells,
in one body,
with different functions that give purpose to our existence.

We are easily dazzled by I-phones and nice cars,
like crows with shiny things;
every time we applaud such things,
we silently mourn the death of our spirit.

We must not measure the worth of a life with material standards.

A REAL love for your self will lead you to love others.

…ME thinks.

  1. lisa says:

    that’s deep

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