Ever Vigilant

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Poetry
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I can feel you watching me,
when they are not watching you.

Without these judging eyes upon us,
just imagine what we could do.

In another time, another place,
we would’ve been queens and kings.

Now, merely wounded poets, starving,
waiting for the scraps that life brings.

So sad: how different we become
here in a world set distances apart.

You are free to choose your end
but you have no say in how you start.


    • Hedges is a solid voice in the literary world, I really liked when he started breaking down religion toward the second hour. You know Ang, I had to take a break from all the government stuff, it is all just so evil, it creeps through your system, I nearly tanked my artistic career because of it, I had to get back to my roots of theology and philosophy, the only thing I didn’t like was the pot shots he took at Christopher Hitchens, also an avid Orwell fan, if you are not familiar with Hitch you got to see some stuff on that guy, brilliant too

      • Am not familiar with Hitchens, But ya , know what you mean about all that government stuff. I don’t usually concentrate on it either unless I stumble across an interesting video on YouTube but I don’t deliberately go looking for them. Once in awhile an acquaintance will want to talk to me about the state of the world and I am drawn into a conversation. But I know well the state of the world, and I don’t believe dwelling on the negative helps me personally or changes anything out in the world, so I would rather be a shining positive light in my own little corner and help out my neighbour when I can. I hope things are going okay for you in your daily life. I love reading your posts, and I always get the feeling we think on similar lines. I have a bachelors degree in religion and philosophy which I pursued for the sheer fun of it. But that was many years ago, lol, I have since done many other things.

        Take care Carl 🙂

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