Suffering of Dionysus

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Poetry
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Her body circles my mind
like a shark
like the stars

Swirl around
the galaxies

/round a drain

Scar my self
for f
to keep her

Pick her up
carry the pain
buried inside

But we know

Never will

Things be the same

Between us


Let breathe
let try
let be
let die

Let leave
if there
 do return
still care
will burn

 /lot more to poetry
than mere words;
no matter how
the verse
can/t be real
if truth
doesn/t hurt

  1. First, I wanted to share this blog I follow:
    He seems to have a lot of great tips for writers who are bloggers and want to be published.

    Second, I like the mood of this poem. There seems to be a strength and peace during a storm of hopelessness.

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