GoodByes are Best Said with Valentines

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Poetry, Uncategorized
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another grind
this friction fractures
reduces us
to mere fractions
of former selves
hoping for glimpses
simple smiles
such a puppet
with different
people pulling
tangled strings
these strings she
somehow seized
& cut me free
we want forever
but momentary
rather than never
picture p3rfect
we can/t shatter
what we can/t hold
truth be told
it/s the emptiness
that breaks you
overtakes you
mistakes you
the sadness
& draining
sustains me.

Whenever you
want to be
you I/ll be
there for you
only if
you want me too
sick of it
tired & blue
same old shit
through & through
somehow knew
there I am
waiting for you.


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