the Art of Being Nobody (2012)

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Poetry
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It is not,
what it is

you/ll never change
what it is

if we did what it is we want/
bet these guys
stopped touching kids
this world makes you
feel crazy
like you’re the only
one seeing this
the homeless man
down the street
he got no insurance
he real sick
while I  walk by
just to give him
a roundhouse kick.

& it’s only getting colder
though the ice is getting thin

a life are we living?

heart atrophy
we are all in

bought the fear
hoping for change

the story/s getting older
something needs to flip

suicide apocalypse

I will be what I am
no person owns
me who we are
continue to laugh
the truth comes out
keep riding this bus
ain’t changing its route
don’t play a part

we never were no more.


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