I had a dream
more like a nightmare
I was walking down a

lights-out road let/s
just say Parkview street
a police car drove by

knew what would come
next so I threw the
fire & waited; the brake

lights came on &
the car hit reverse
& next thing I knew I

ran for my life
& I was panting,
jumping over fences

an abandoned
house came into view
its broken window made

a nice entrance
I huddled in an
empty corner while more

cops arrived on
the scene getting REAL
close; patrolling; creeping

through yellow yards
it was a matter
of time; damn, why the hell

did I run; flee
the scene; though there was
no scene from which to flee

a felony
so I sauntered out
before they found me; tried

they drug me back to
the car; smacked my head off

the hood; chipped teeth
tombstones buried in
pink soil; thanks Gunslinger

these guys must think
that they/re king; then my
friend drives by & parks down

the street & starts
to record with his
phone camera this now

turned travesty
they arrest him &
he/s charged with obstructing

next we/re sitting
in county; cop comes
up & asks me, Why did

I run? I tell
him, Cops freak me out
& scare me. He says, There/s

no worry if
I/d done no wrong. I
smile through my bloodied teeth.

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