Posted: March 14, 2014 in Poetry
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As a boy I lived

With the Incredible Hulk

What the other boys would give
But they know not his way
He/d just smash & sulk
Hulk was married to Jean Grey

Before she became Phoenix

Jean was having an affair
With a young Scott Summers

Black-eye make him Cyclops

Hulk angry no-matter/ he say
Smashing things
Smashing people
Smashing lovers

Those days I was Daredevil

Didn/t see Banner much then
Jean would constantly cry
Silently scream out why
Psychic nails through my mind
Already a stuntman

I became Batman

Plotted & contrived devices
Dug deep caves under madness
Ages I lived in darkness
Forgot old tears
Discovered new fears
Growing strange over years

I became a Doctor Strange

Spoke invocations
Experienced possessions
Performed exorcisms
Grew tired of being strange
Held disdain for the dark
Gathered my hero loot
Bought glasses like Clark

Guess who/s Superman

Constructed a new suit
Red cape & all
& out the blue
Up, up, & away I flew

Fly like you/ll never fall


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