an I for an I

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Poetry


I am sorry I know not what I do
Whenever dark-world relapse turns us black
How you could only get me to react
To dead things you attempted to bring back
I/ve scraped & clawed through hell to tell you that
Love laughs when life lives just like Lazarus
We bear witness to the grace of these GODz
He likes to hope but he gets what he gives
Sad for the forgiveness some seemed to miss
Lost in a blink & traded for a nod

How many times to tell you I am through
It really doesn/t matter what we do
Though he once swore he/d stick to her like glue
I/m so sorry that I ever knew you
Onto others as they/ve done onto you

I/m so sorry that I used to be me
That he was too weak to let her leave
Now it is quite hard for you to believe
That hands so soft played such a part in this
Creating another life of sickness
World of pharmaceutical excuses
Slow years of pain & vertigo circles
This dying life always induces
Revolving psychological abuses
Onto others as they/ve done onto you

Though not all of these words we said were true
We/re sorry whatever we did to you
Her lips have turned asphyxiated-blue
His thoughts are projections of shades of blue
Look now as their heaven turns to dark blue


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