She Said She Wanted Darkness

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Poetry

Sometimes his dreams become her days
While set adrift in this malaise
Browsing through the menagerie
Animals in a dope sick cage

She loves brief walks through his city
She/ll cut his face so she/s pretty
Changes clothes so she/s not dirty
Stays so high she/s above conceit

Amazed that she can even breathe
Breast weighed upon by her deceit
Her precious heart amongst the thieves
He often wonders why it beats

Never fit in her fancy life
Only there to sharpen the knife
Waiting for a past perfect life
She ain/t your typical housewife

Lost in another starry night
Passing the time dulling the pain
Concealing guns becomes a drain
Killing from far not quite the same

Who needs to see their victims bleed?
Walks through murders & comes out clean
Gently dumping the dead bodies
With love back on the darkened streets


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