Number 9

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Poetry
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Then, being struck by a swift-sudden chill
Groaning & shivering, bodies froze still

One man stood mumbling, looking out the gate
The dream through which moments ago I came
He began to stir, pacing & waiting
Noticing me, he approached debating,

& you! Do you know, what it is to be?
Oh Hannah, my Hannah, I/m so sorry…
Being in time, time in being; I wrote…
Never mind the swastikas on my coat,
I told a thousand Jews a thousand times,
Intended to change things from the inside.

Interest lost, he turned back for the door
Though he muttered, he spoke to me no more

I waded through vapor rising from ice
Bodies frozen still by their own device
& across this sheet was Ronnie Reagan
Freezing, begging, with the other masons

I neared the middle of the frozen room
There He was feasting; guarding the blue tomb

You are the Beast & this is your disease.
I did as you pleased; me, you must release. 

Must I now? You, junkee, know what I need?
I/ve truly seen you. You live on your knees.
Yet, still quite curious, please do pray tell:
What would charm you from a warm home like hell? 

I must confess, I sizzle with the best.
But I/ve nothing left & there/ll be no rest.
My suffering is, with or without you.
Turn me loose, I gave the devil his due.
I/ve learned the truth from you, oh Prince of Lies

He stretched open his mouth & outpoured flies
Their buzzing a noise I did recognize
My alarm buzzed; the dream now realized

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