We Already Are Who We Are

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Poetry

Power of the prodigal
from a lost lifetime

resurface as a life
to surge
crying out
for forgotten kingdoms
void of material
the world as it is
fears that which has nothing
to lose penniless
but priceless. 

Her fire tempers steel
powers we all wield
resurrect thyself
it can/t be explained
rebirth is earned
baptized through fire
these sins we purge
to ascend from circles
back to the land
of the truly lost
entombed fabrications
commercial realities
where every act of love
has a cost
a price tag
a stop sign
a do not step
over that line.

Here I find myself
amongst men
of manufactured identities
manifestations mistook
for individuality
soon it is I
who curses my return. 

A journey darkly
illuminates where light
finds rest never
to see things the same
inspiring passions
in boy kings
songs they sing
my best poetry
moments creating motion
& legends. 

We, the weak
that sought no reward
are of little avail
we all pursue
our empty quests
in one form
or another
lords of kingdoms
princes of thieves
we/re all seeking
Holy Grails. 

I will kill my-self
so as not to
trouble others
with the burden of murder
graciously leave
with loves lost too soon
leaving for the shores
of Avalon
to draw from
winter waters
to extinguish
infernal burns
go gently gather
my ashes from the lands
they/ve been scattered
collecting them in Grecian urns.



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