Gothic America

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Poetry

designer clothes
designed to look
mascara running

Is not America satanic?

Bear scars
infected arms
triggered alarms
known tricks
sell their souls
quite quick
for a bag
get off sick
where existence
is measured & weighed
factored as economy
you/re telling me
about dark reality

Fuck Crowley.

Want scary
…heart of darkness
the INNER city
behind buildings
under bridges
inside bathroom stalls
are our cities’ deepest pits
where real darkness sits

Where are the true Gothic?

Those who burned
the body of Percy
his heart collected
from the ashes
of the funeral fire
human heart notorious
for it’s difficulty
to burn properly
before encompassed
by Adonais
wrote for legacy
& tragic friends

Lights that never stay with us.

Where are the:
Keats & Byrons & Shelleys & Coleridges now?

Who will light the pyre for America?

For poetry IS dying…
who here will burn their hand
taking the red-white-blue
from the embers of the fire
wrapping it in
the blood-soaked constitution

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