Big Hearts with Little Corporate Minds

Posted: April 15, 2014 in Poetry, Prose

A curled-up mutt,
on the side of the road,
waiting to die.

Nursed to health by the kindness of others.

People that had every reason to spit.

As much in our hearts to care as it is in our nature to hurt.

Power sleeps in our hearts.

Many feel powerless;
everyone & everything,
has a say in the direction of life,
but those whose life it is.

The corporate community wants a world without spirituality.

Without hope.

To all look & think the same.

Unable to do anything for ourselves.

Needing the corporations to do it for us.

This ultramodern-social structure being imposed is unnatural.

Individuality fades away.

In this some are thriving.

They don/t want to rock the boat.

Why would they?

Hope they understand they/re an endangered species.

One day…
…it/ll be sink or swim with the rest of us.


I love my fucking city.

Every day I watch a little more of it burn away.

If their world is a stage,
& I/m but an actor in a play,
I want a new disguise.

Tired of the makeup that hides the lines.

But I am happy for these guys.

A show of hands.

How they find ways to profit under any circumstance.

Employment opportunities suffering creates.

It/s great.

People die here.

Controlled by fear.

No clear destination.

This is what happens when you let yourself be taxed without representation.

We nodded off at the wheel.

We missed out on the NEW deal.

We got kicked in the gut.

We have to wake up.



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