C.P. Henneman
Blackhole, Ohio

Bio: I/m an artist that writes. I write like I paint, but I can/t paint; if I could, it/d be like I write. Write different. Write brave. Save the world. Make a change.

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  1. Carl,
    You’ve created a really original and stylistically innovative website, one that manages to be evocative while also engaging actual political questions. I found myself reading through much of your archived material as well–impressive stuff…Actually, I was attempting to get in touch with you–I’ve called and left messages several times over the course of the last month. Since you haven’t gotten back to me I assume that you have been extremely busy; or, maybe I’m not quite as likeable as i once believed…I have been trying to find a ‘real’ (meaning, salaried) job; one with actual benefits, so I have compiled a new e-mail adress, and I am at least temporarilly avoiding using any of the Japanese musical numbers from the film Mothra (you know, with the two tiny twin-girls-in-the-shell singing the ‘mothra’ song?), or out-takes from A Clockwork Orange on my outgoing voice-mail message. Also, i have been doing a lot of writing, and expanding into essays, some of which I think you might be interested in reading. Anyhow, I would really like to hear from you,

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