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Posted: May 22, 2014 in Poetry
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Psychic vampires
no life their own
always impose
on all of those
who let them in
their cozy homes
they live off thoughts
from those alone
when all/s sucked dry
they gnaw on bone
but in the light
they turn to stone.

Don/t let me go
just let me down
can/t find our way
through this dark town
must feel around
we know this life
ain/t what it seems
we die each breath
& live off dreams
what do you do
when you can/t sleep?

I drift out by myself
I sell out from myself
No one no where else

The sun will burn away
The world will turn away
Here we holy hell

This skin does not want felt
This air I never felt
Done deal being dealt

The truth some never tell
Whisper but never tell
Sit there by yourself

I had a dream
more like a nightmare
I was walking down a

lights-out road let/s
just say Parkview street
a police car drove by

knew what would come
next so I threw the
fire & waited; the brake

lights came on &
the car hit reverse
& next thing I knew I

ran for my life
& I was panting,
jumping over fences

an abandoned
house came into view
its broken window made

a nice entrance
I huddled in an
empty corner while more

cops arrived on
the scene getting REAL
close; patrolling; creeping

through yellow yards
it was a matter
of time; damn, why the hell

did I run; flee
the scene; though there was
no scene from which to flee

a felony
so I sauntered out
before they found me; tried

they drug me back to
the car; smacked my head off

the hood; chipped teeth
tombstones buried in
pink soil; thanks Gunslinger

these guys must think
that they/re king; then my
friend drives by & parks down

the street & starts
to record with his
phone camera this now

turned travesty
they arrest him &
he/s charged with obstructing

next we/re sitting
in county; cop comes
up & asks me, Why did

I run? I tell
him, Cops freak me out
& scare me. He says, There/s

no worry if
I/d done no wrong. I
smile through my bloodied teeth.

Give me back
who I was
because times
got tough going
got rough &
I can no
longer tumble
allowing truth to be
pinned to me
when I folded
down my sleeves.

Toys they break
from too many games
played for glue
same type of fixed
different tricks
never new.

Never knew
it ain/t true
this isn/t you
thought you through
you will not be
happy until
your lips turn blue.

How is it one falls so in love,

with the emptiness of silence?

All these crazy ladies chasing,

after these meaningless tyrants

& this addictive time-wasting.

Welcome to the grand delusion.

Stay in line; avoid confusion.

Where no one dares to try to flee,

the nightmare we bought as a dream.

Few wild animals left to see,

prance about believing they/re free.

We/re all trapped in an urban cage.

Idolize holy-wood housewives,

distracts any worth from real lives.

Measured by an hourly wage.


Envies the sun because
it brightens her day

Jealous of the moon for it
gives her a light in darkness

Despises skies that lay
over top of her

Detests the stars for falling
though never granting wishes


nothing/s ever good enough
for you

people change to sycophants when
with you
somehow the truth still never
rings true
this war we wage upon ourselves
is through

because nothing/s good enough
for you

there/s nothing left for me to give
to you
good to bad you stuck to me
like glue
through the times we were left for dead
& blue

nothing/s ever good enough
for you


Wish i
could break
& hurt

Try to
run but
too tired

For us
to feel

to breathe

that we
still dream

Thinks I can/t touch
what I can/t reach
as if heartbeats
don/t travel through
the atmosphere
over the
to another
wavelengths across
radio waves
alpha waves.

We done dug our graves
no matter how
much we change
we stay the same
there exists
no escape
from that pain
we must embrace.

Cleanse this dirt
with the rain
but a touch
it leaves a stain
the sweat never
washes away.