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nothing/s ever good enough
for you

people change to sycophants when
with you
somehow the truth still never
rings true
this war we wage upon ourselves
is through

because nothing/s good enough
for you

there/s nothing left for me to give
to you
good to bad you stuck to me
like glue
through the times we were left for dead
& blue

nothing/s ever good enough
for you



Wish i
could break
& hurt

Try to
run but
too tired

For us
to feel

to breathe

that we
still dream

Thinks I can/t touch
what I can/t reach
as if heartbeats
don/t travel through
the atmosphere
over the
to another
wavelengths across
radio waves
alpha waves.

We done dug our graves
no matter how
much we change
we stay the same
there exists
no escape
from that pain
we must embrace.

Cleanse this dirt
with the rain
but a touch
it leaves a stain
the sweat never
washes away.


Her body circles my mind
like a shark
like the stars

Swirl around
the galaxies

/round a drain

Scar my self
for f
to keep her

Pick her up
carry the pain
buried inside

But we know

Never will

Things be the same

Between us


Let breathe
let try
let be
let die

Let leave
if there
 do return
still care
will burn

 /lot more to poetry
than mere words;
no matter how
the verse
can/t be real
if truth
doesn/t hurt


Paid for the ticket

Did any body show?

We were far too busy

Casting out the first stone

Acting as if we know

Whether we’re alone

Like we’re not spinning

In a child’s snow globe

An abandoned exhibit

Overgrown thorn thicket

Where plastic flowers grow

Animated pin cushions

Terminally collapsed

Scar tissue…still pushin/

We all re-lapsed

Down, we all fall

Come one, come all

Claw & crawl

For the mysteriously ambiguous

Pretending to be pretentious

Poetic inventions

Of rationalized intentions

Too old to be precocious